Your most important projects don’t have to wait.

Real progress toward your most important goals can be made during this season of uncertainty. Real work can be accomplished. Important conversations can be had. Schedules and plans have been thrown out the window and now you have the opportunity to look forward, have key conversations and adapt for the future.

Virtual team and project work have become necessity and norm over the past few weeks and the challenges of virtual work are real. Team communication becomes more difficult and more important. Meeting agendas with clear purpose and outcomes become crucial for moving the mission forward.

There are important decisions, projects, and processes that should be addressed now for the sake of the continued health and success of your organization and those you serve. Your most important work shouldn’t wait and I can help.


  • Better Teamwork – Virtual Tools and Strategies to Last Beyond COVID
  • Development in a Time of Uncertainty: 30, 60, 90 Day Plans
  • Planning for Ministry Post-Quarantine
  • Adapting Events and Conferences to Virtual or Semi-Virtual
  • Decide Now How to Decide Then: Addressing Unknowns with Decision Making Strategies

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