“I was blessed to have Leah Abel as part of my team at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church for 10 years. Gifted with a strong work ethic, a keen mind, remarkable organizational skills and most importantly a passionate love for Jesus and people. Leah launched our youth ministry and developed a structure that continues to be utilized years after her departure. Leah led a team to develop a lay mobilization initiative that helped us understand the importance of connecting people to ministry. Sometimes you just need a new set of eyes to help you see what’s possible. In my experience Leah brings that fresh way of seeing the opportunities that are before you.”

-Rev. Wally M. Arp, St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, Oviedo, Florida

“Leah Abel is my go-to person for her leadership on project management, meeting facilitation and operational support. She has the competency for management with clarity, on-time delivery and anticipation of problems. Leah also has the capacity for leadership to bring a presence of confidence and empowerment to any project team. My business has definitely benefited from her services.”

Kurt Bickel
Senior Consultant, Cornerstone Consulting
Gestalt Executive Coach

I am deeply grateful for Leah’s willingness to share her gifts and talents with others. This past year our congregation went through a 12 month plus visioning process. A small team of lay leaders and staff worked through the process sharing our progress and gaining insight from the congregation along the way. Implementing the vision and gaining traction with the staff was the next great hurdle in bringing it to light. Leah worked with the entire staff, (church, school, and early childhood center) at a one day staff orientation to facilitate engaging conversation and tremendous sharing from this diverse group of ministry partners. By the end of the day, the staff was clearly excited about the church’s new vision and saw how they were going to be a vital part of it. Leah’s leadership, energy, and insight played the biggest role by far in making those things happen. 

– Rev. Robert Tiner, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Giddings, Texas

​Leah has worked with the LCMS Youth Gathering in a variety of ways including project management and implementation, team configuration and Logistical strategy.  She has also facilitated multiple meetings with a variety of church and city officials…There are two things that I especially value of Leah’s focus.   She has a love to lift up younger leaders to help them see their potential and grow in their leadership capacity.  Second she has a determination for planning excellence striving to push herself in ways to elevate the end product.

Rev. Derek Broten
The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod
Youth Gathering Program Director

“Faced with a major congregational initiative, our team was struggling to move from ideas to execution. Leah worked with us to identify the best people to lead, the major items to accomplish, and a timeline to guide the work. Together, we worked to do something that wouldn’t have been possible without her.”

-Pastor Nate Peregoy, Our Father Lutheran Church, Centennial, Colorado