Opportunities are lost and frustration builds in churches and organizations when we can’t get from idea to implementation.

Obstacles like time, lack of staff, volunteers with incongruent schedules, lack of passion for the nuts and bolts, and the whirlwind of the daily tasks so often stand in the way of ministry initiatives that matter.

I bring skills and knowledge for clarifying vision and goals, organizing the work, taking into account calendars, schedules, key milestones in the process, tasks to be completed, and conversations to be had.  I become a member of the team for a period of time to help manage the work and support the leadership in achieving their desired goals.

I love to help congregations and leadersdo ministry that matters. I bring solid project management skills to your goals, gifts, and ideas.

“I was blessed to have Leah Abel as part of my team at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church for 10 years. Gifted with a strong work ethic, a keen mind, remarkable organizational skills and most importantly a passionate love for Jesus and people. Leah launched our youth ministry and developed a structure that continues to be utilized years after her departure. Leah led a team to develop a lay mobilization initiative that helped us understand the importance of connecting people to ministry. 
Sometimes you just need a new set of eyes to help you see what’s possible. In my experience Leah brings that fresh way of seeing the opportunities that are before you.”
-Rev. Wally M. Arp,
St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, Oviedo, Florida