Successful projects have clear goals, clear communication, and the right people engaged.  I facilitate live and virtual conversations that get at the heart of your goals and allow for honest, clear conversation that produces progress.

There are many benefits to an experienced, external meeting facilitator.

  • I provide a carefully designed, action-oriented agenda that focuses on the goals of the leader or team.
  • I design and execute processes and engagement strategies for live and virtual meetings that keep participants engaged and ensure meeting goals and objectives are achieved.
  • I ensure conversation that engages all individuals and viewpoints.
  • I manage small details so that leaders can fully participate in the meeting.

“Faced with a major congregational initiative, our team was struggling to move from ideas to execution. Leah worked with us to identify the best people to lead, the major items to accomplish, and a timeline to guide the work. Together, we worked to do something that wouldn’t have been possible without her.”

-Pastor Nate Peregoy, Our Father Lutheran Church, Centennial, Colorado