I have a passion for helping leaders develop their plans into powerful, effective real life implementation. I have eighteen years of experience in the not-for-profit world where I excelled at managing and empowering people supporting them with timelines, spreadsheets and meeting planning as I coached them toward better management and execution of their projects.  

This passion has driven my professional and volunteer pursuits. I have managed large events like the National Youth Gathering (25,000) and the LEA Convocation (3,000 participants) empowering thousands of volunteers through the design, management and execution of their goals. I have given an extra hand to small and sole-proprietor businesses. I have teamed with organizations to design and facilitate professional development events for teachers, youth leaders, and clergy. I continue to seek collaborative opportunities to bring ideas to action in not-for-profit agencies and organizations.

I am a member of Inspirmeetings.  In this venture I team up to produce high tech, high touch professional development events.

Prior to my service in congregations, I moved from farm life in Iowa to Concordia University in Seward Nebraska where I earned my BA and DCE certification.  I have served congregations in Florida and Colorado and now live and serve in Colorado with my daughter Amelia and my husband Scott. I love great music, cooking, being outdoors, a kitchen full of people, and a good cup of coffee.